1942 Cold Winter
zip file: 26.8Kb

download: 1942_Cold_Winter

In this hack I have changed the levels, palette, the amount of lives (25 lives), the amount of rolls (25 rolls) and game logo.

Afro Mario Bros 255 life
zip file: 16.6Kb

download: Afro_Mario_Bros_255_life

Mini hack Afro Mario Bros. The player now has 255 lives!

Alien 3 hack vision
zip file: 80.9Kb

download: Alien_3_hack_vision

Here is a hack which increases Ripley’s visibility area.

Battle City mini hacks
zip file: 232Kb

download: Battle_City_mini_hacks

A selection of 15 mini hacks Battle City.

Binary Land - Penguins Family
zip file: 12.7Kb

download: Binary_Land_-_Penguins_Family

In this hack I have changed the title screen, and also two small penguins are added in game. The language of the game is English. New in version 1.1 - changed Love Story mode Logo. Press and hold the A & B buttons on both controllers and press Reset. If done right, the game will change to Love Story mode. New in version 1.2 - changed "BEST 5" screen. BEST 5: 150000 KIKU, 125000 MEGU, 100000 MADO, 085000 MIWA, 050000 UPA.

BugTris mini hacks
zip file: 82.1Kb

download: BugTris_mini_hacks

Four mini hacks korean pirated game: BugTris. Namely hack low speed falling shapes, with altered music selection without the level, with a choice of 1 to level 30.

Castlevania 2 - Simons Redaction FDS Titul
zip file: 77.6Kb

download: Castlevania_2_-_Simons_Redaction_FDS_Titul

Hack Castlevania 2 - Simons Redaction (with recording), which is inserted in the title screen and the history of the Japanese version (FDS).

Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine
zip file: 68.8Kb

download: Cybernoid_-_The_Fighting_Machine

Hacks Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine. The archive contains two versions of the game. Start with an infinite time, and the second to complete invulnerability. The invincible version of the need to save ammo, since ammunition is filled only after the death of the pilot.

Datach - Yuu Yuu Hakusho no CRC
zip file: 144.5Kb

download: Datach_-_Yuu_Yuu_Hakusho_no_CRC

Mini hack Datach - Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu Kai, in which the CRC check is disabled.

Dragon Fighter hard hack
zip file: 102.7Kb

download: Dragon_Fighter_hard_hack

The hard mode hack of the game Dragon Fighter. The Enemies grow stronger. At the beginning of the game the hero is filled with scale transformation into a dragon. Scale of the dragon does not decrease. The player has 24 lifebars in the first level.

Duck Hunt Moonwalk
zip file: 16Kb

download: Duck_Hunt_Moonwalk

This hack is a joke, nothing more. Modifications: palette (autumn), music (Michael Jackson), text (title screen), the dog goes moon walk.

F-1 Race Super Speed
zip file: 15.3Kb

download: F-1_Race_Super_Speed

Mini hack F-1 Race, which allows the car to accelerate to its impressive speed to more than usual.

Front Line 2 Hardcore
zip file: 13.4Kb

download: Front_Line_2_Hardcore

In this hack I have changed the title screen and code - now, each enemy soldier goes on tank.

Galaga immortal hack
zip file: 16.8Kb

download: Galaga_immortal_hack

Mini hack Galaga, made in order to know how many levels of the game. Now, your ship is immortal. But not for the capture of an enemy ship ...

Galaxian mini hacks
zip file: 72Kb

download: Galaxian_mini_hacks

Selection of the 7 mini hacks Galaxian, including the hack with the changed music, the other behavior of enemies with your secret melody in the beginning of the game, etc.

Galg mini hacks
zip file: 568.8Kb

download: Galg_mini_hacks

Mini hacks Galg and Burning Spaceship Galg Hack. This hack changes the level graphics, the amount of lives (9 lives), the ship’s weapon (flamethrower) and movement physics. It is now possible fly through upper and lower barriers.

Gilligans Island Lost hack
zip file: 68.3Kb

download: Gilligans_Island_Lost_hack

Trying to make the game hack Gilligan's Island on Lost series. It redraw the screen saver and one of the characters - John Lock.

Golgo 13 - Top Secret Episode Anticensorship
zip file: 123.2Kb

download: Golgo_13_-_Top_Secret_Episode_Anticensorship

In this hack I have changed the title screen, some dialogs and names: Smirk became Adolf Hitler, Drek became Nazi… And I have returned getting undressed girls!

Gradius mini hacks
zip file: 188.8Kb

download: Gradius_mini_hacks

Several mini hacks Gradius. Among the hacks game with increased speed and a different arrangement of the enemy; the game is without prizes; game with a prize of every enemy, from which the prize may fall; game with an extra life for every enemy killed; game with full armament and auxiliary ship compre one of the options modules.

Gun Nac Eternal Zero
zip file: 135.9Kb

download: Gun_Nac_Eternal_Zero

A small hack the game Gun Nac. Now the game has become much more difficult - weapons and armor are now limited and replenish ammo will only be in stores and bosses. Changed levels of the game. They have become more simple.


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